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Core Course with Multi-area Training Contents

Target Group: for operating personnel (sample)
Course Objective: Team mastery of process engineering startup sequence of complete facility under normal and disturbed conditions with optimum use of all control, operation and information systems; enhancement of interdisciplinary skills – leadership and teamwork, communication and decision making.
Duration: 5 days
Contents: 1st day: Process engineering startup of complete plant
  • Initiation and tracking of automatic processes
  • Identification of program disturbances, manual intervention, if necessary (gauge failure, sticking valves, confirmations etc.)
  • Electrotechnology and control technology interaction in power plants
  • Knowing the four safety levels in power plants
2nd day: Load alterations with malfunctions
  • Load alterations in different control modes
  • Operations under disturbed conditions with subsequent malfunction review and analysis with regard to the four safety levels in power plants
3rd day: L oad capacity events, frequency fluctuations in the grid
  • Failure of load capacity equipment
  • Turbine scram, turbo-generator set prep and synchronization
  • Causes of frequency fluctuations in the grid and their impact on plant operations
  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary controls sand simulated operations
  • Drop-off to station supply, stations supply operations and grid organization strategies
  • Review and analysis of exercises with regard to the four safety levels in power plants
4th day: Efficiency trial runs
  • Efficiency decrease at constant furnace capacity
  • Efficiency calculations for individual block unit
  • Energy balance with temperature-entropy diagram
  • The team leader does not intervene, but observes the behavior of his crew and reviews his observations with the group

5th day: Shutdown to night standstill (different modes of operation)

  • Load decrease to minimum load (40%)
  • Turbo-generator set shutdown with or without temperature decrease
  • Coal fire off without backup fire and crusher blow-down
  • Pressure maintenance in steam generator
  • Backup fire on, blow-down of all crushers, reventilation
  • Shutdown of all systems
    (feed water, air/flue gas, condensate etc.)
  • Observation of team behavior by the instructor with temporary discontinuation of operations and discussion of results
  • Concluding feedback discussions

Small groups (3 – 6 participants)


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